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Mar. 19th, 2012

Mallory & Irvine: A Historical Mountaineering RPS Post (What? Yes! Oh God.)

I have been meaning to post more but could not really think of what, as I'm on a strictly limited allowance of Crazy Things My Cats Did posts. I have, however, recently rediscovered my love of reading (something I didn't have too much time for the past few years), so I've been devouring books like a Death Eater eating, uhm, death (or possibly treacle).

One of the things I have been reading about is climbing. I used to climb and used to love it but I've kind of grown too old and lazy to do it, and also, mountains are fucking terrifying. I mean, they're entirely awesome in every way but personally I'm done crawling all over them with a big neon-green sign reading "COME AND KILL ME" around my neck, you know?

Instead, I read about other climbers, which is great fun, very educational and very much less lethal.

So without further ado, let me present to you two mountaineering legends of the early 20th century and their Great Clandestine Gay Love Affair (As Totally Fabricated By Me):

I am probably going to hell for this (picspam-heavy) )

Oct. 20th, 2011


This is the best thing ever.

(NSFW. Contains ALL the badsex from ALL the badfic.)

Oct. 7th, 2011

This happened at the Igloo today (or: The Lengths I Will Go To To Avoid Work)

[info]lilithilien and [info]aldiara gaze upon the utter yawnfest exciting beauty of the spoilerpics. Then:

"Sarah has a dream."

Aldi: Ugh ugh ughetty ugh, that is Deniz's bed, ugh.
Lil: Uhm, is that Jenny's red bra??
Aldi: Nope, I guess Dr. Hooker stole that when she left:

(Just trust me that it's Jenny, okay. Or if you don't, go rewatch ep 768 for proof. The only identifying screenshot I could get of the bra was without her head on.)

Lil: This recycling underwear thing is GROSS.
Aldi: IDK, I don't think they can top the grossness of having Dr. Hooker reuse it:

Aldi: Put it on Richard for all I care.
Aldi: Muahahahahahaha this needs to be 'shopped now.
Lil: I hate you.

So, ok, not that I put much effort into it AND LIL, YOU MAY THANK THE GODS THAT I DIDN'T FIND A SHOT OF HIM WITH HIS WIFEBEATER OFF, but voila:

Mar. 1st, 2011


Dear Show:

We. Are. Officially. Done.

(and it's not even anything to do with the boys).

I'll return the rest of your crap by mail.

Have a nice life.

Feb. 7th, 2011

Three Drabbles: Power of Three (Maximilian/Bergmann Sisters)

Because [info]lilithilien pimped the PORN SUNDAY that [info]torino10154 pimped (although it should really be called "anti-porn Sunday", I was all manner of confused thinking "OH YAY, the church is embracing pr0n now??...oh huh, maybe not"), so I felt compelled to drabble drunkenly, which is really the extent of effort any American church-propelled motion deserves:

Title: Power of Three
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Character(s)/Pairing(s): Alles was zählt; Maximilian/Lena, Maximilian/Annette, Maximilian/Katja
Summary: Three sisters, and one man on a tireless hunt for the one that is his match in every greasy, gross, and graceless way.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 300 words (three drabbles)
Author's Notes: Het. Greasy Max. No. I really have no excuse whatsoever, unless Ballantine's does refunds on bad porn :p

Power of Three )

Nov. 18th, 2010

Randomest icons ever


Have a bunch of Tom, Reichencest, Team Romanbelle (yesss!) and other Random Bollocks )

(er, some of these are not from today *pets Robin* but I figured I might as well throw them in too.)

Nov. 10th, 2010

Memo to LOST writers, global language is not actually "American"

mild spoilers for season 6 )

Oct. 30th, 2010

Random tidbit of oversharing

I just poured coffee all over my cleavage *facepalms* Not because I got jolted or anything. Just, y'know, sitting still, drinking coffee. Because I apparently can't judge the volume-of-beverage/size-of-mouth ratio accurately, like, WHAT. THE. FUCK. SELF. :p

(yes, it is vital that y'all have this information.)

Sep. 11th, 2010


PSA: Comments on this post are now screened for non-friends. Yeah, I know it's a public post. It was meant to be. That does NOT mean it's an open invite for every complaint you've ever had, lol. Because the main point of that post was still I'M ON HOLS, LEAVE ME ALONE WITH THE WANK.

Now. If only "hols" didn't equal "huge hulking pile of work *stares at it gloomily*

Sep. 9th, 2010

I would just like to say...

...and believe me, it is the ONLY thing I'm going to say on this matter (and I'm not going to bother putting it behind a cut either):

I'm immensely saddened at the complete and utter fail pointed out to me this morning, both regarding YouTube channels that have since been deleted, and posts on the Gays of Daytime message board, a place I once enjoyed frequenting but have not set a foot on in more than half a year, due to the direction it has taken since.

I'm saddened that an entire group of people is apparently incapable of believing us when we said that EKP were taking a temporary break, that the timing for this was ideal since the plots we follow will be severely backburnered for a while. I'm saddened that that group of people seems incapable of appreciating that we've done everything in our power to time this vacation ideally, to stop at a point that was a perfect intermediate happy ending, to promise that we would be back in time for plots to pick back up again and that we would cover episodes retroactively.

I'm saddened that not even a WEEK into said vacation (the first in nearly two years, the very first time that we have not supplied subtitled AWZ clips daily), people apparently felt the need to shoulder in and try to take over, without so much as a by your leave. Honestly, I'm not sure how Lil and I would have reacted had we been approached about it - as we've stated time and again, the show has entered a period of non-central DeRo plots, so chances are we would have shrugged and said "go for it", if people who simply couldn't wait to have subs supplied for Roman eating Fluff and Deniz playing beach volleyball for Oliver & Celine's goodbye party couldn't handle just simply watching that on the RTLnow site.

The point is, we weren't approached about it, so the question is moot.

I'm saddened that people who dare to stick up for us on the above-mentioned platforms, people who have expressed themselves in rational and sensible ways, are suffering the consequences in the form of random suspensions and abuse from people who clearly haven't spent two seconds to think about the truths spoken by the commenters they just shut down.

I'm saddened that because Lil and I dare to feel upset (and worse, voice our disappointment) over others trying to take over a mere week after we have announced a vacation (do I need to repeat, a VACATION, not an end or a permanent hiatus), we are bitched out and vilified and threatened.

I'm saddened that because of a handful of individuals' petty notions of entitlement, EKP is in fact ONCE AGAIN facing severe threats of being shut down.

However, I can't even say that I'm as devastated about facing that threat right now as I once was. There's a part of me that wants to respond with equal pettiness to the small-minded fail of said individuals. There's a part of me that's almost hoping that RTL will have enough, once and for all, of idiot fan factions having idiot wank wars and being unbelievably stupid enough to contact the network over it. I wouldn't blame them one bit. There's a part of me that's almost hoping RTL will shut us down, so said small-minded individuals will see where that gets them. Because we *will* find a way to still share clips with the people we love, the people who have supported us from the get-go, the people who have made this project fun and amazing and sparkly and fabulous every single day. But the losers who are happy enough to reap the fruits of our labour while bitching us out behind our backs and taking every opportunity they can to make things shitty for us - well, uhm, no, we won't be supplying THEM with free entertainment, should that come to pass. Have fun scrambling by on sub-quality vids and sub-quality translations until you get shut down yourselves, and maybe THEN you'll have a moment to spare to think about fandom etiquette and common decency.

I am saddened, above all else, that most of the people who'll get to see this are people it doesn't even concern. My apologies, friends-list. But this is my personal journal, the one place where I feel any need to voice my opinion.

So. I'm determined, come hell or high water, to stay away from all things wank and otherwise unsparkly for the duration of this holiday. Lil and I took off time to recuperate, to recharge our batteries, to deal with the massive piles of RL stuff that we've been putting off and off and off over the past months. I do not intend to spend my time off on wank raised over the fact that we dared to take time off. That's kind of counter-productive. If petty idiots who don't have two braincells to rub together feel the need to endanger this entire fandom by dragging RTL into it and getting every AWZ-related fandom project shut down (and believe me, that prospect is NOT far off), including ours, so be it. I'm not going to live in fear, and I'm not going to curb my opinions or personality for worry of pissing off small-minded entitlement twits. Lil, Shelly and I have run EKP for two years; we've had responses that we never dared dream of, made friendships that we never imagined, shared tears and laughter and silliness with people too lovely to be real, all on the basis of this storyline on this show we love. Some ignorant stranger who doesn't understand the first thing about that can get this channel shut down, sure, but they can't undo or stop the things that have grown out of it.

And that's that. I'm off. If I come back to a deleted channel and a fandom howling in agony, I'll deal with that when I'm good and sodding well ready for it. Until then, fuck you, wank, and BIG HUGS to you, sparkle. Each of you know who you are.

Jul. 22nd, 2010


Nghhh what's with all the demands for stuff today? SOMEONE START A BETJA/CELINE/RANDOM EXTRAS SUBBING PROJECT so people will stop clamouring for us to sub this or that, summarise this or help them with playlists because they can't read, lol. Did I miss the part where we asked viewers to call in with requests because we're not busy enough?

If I were Annette, I'd be cleaning about now *bagplants*
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Jul. 1st, 2010

Cracky commentfic (OMG, self, what?)

Title: According to Plan
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, Marc
Word Count: 290 words (commentfic)
Rating: Uhm. G?
Warnings: *Uhm, murder. But in a cracky way! (that makes it ok, right?)* [highlight to read]
Summary: Marc knew he would never win Roman's heart as himself. After all, he was the past and Deniz was the future and he was not hot and Deniz was SO CUTE and the PERFECT BOYFRIEND. This had been confirmed by focus groups. So there was only one thing to do, really.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing, nothing.
A/N: Hahahahah, omg. Okay. So someone on YouTube was all "Marc, when are you going to learn that you are no Deniz Öztürk???", which had me crack up as I imagined Marc trying to impersonate Deniz and then [info]praderwilli was all "Fanfic bitte?" and I was all, "Oh fucking hell, why not", so... WILLI, YOU CUNNING FOX, THIS IS FOR YOU. And then [info]sdk came along and hyena'd at me and commanded me to post somewhere linkable and I cannot deny her, so... lololol. (Also, if someone were to photoshop Marc trying to look like Deniz, I would be their willing slavegirl for life.)

According to Plan )

Feb. 10th, 2010

Here, have some aversion therapy

As if I needed any more procrastination material, I have taken it upon myself to help out some people who are having trouble resisting the cunningly chosen PR shots of some of the candidates who most definitely need to be voted "NICHT MEIN FALL." All for a good cause, of course.

Photos lie. Follow me. )

Oct. 11th, 2009


Spoilers for Merlin 2x04 - Guinevere and Lancelot )

Apr. 2nd, 2009

Recap: Episode 648

Hah hah. So I was watching my daft soap, cackling quietly to myself, when my cat came in, yowled loudly, tried to throw himself across my keyboard and batted at the screen just when boring!Oliver was on it. I thought at first he was just trying to alert me to the fact that I was watching crap (HELLO CAT, I KNOW THIS!) and possibly hitting on boring!Oliver in disturbing inter-species fangirling manner, but it turns out he'd brought something to show me, and it was so tiny I hadn't noticed it at first:

*is dead from cute* Cat is mostly toothless, and a wimp, so it wasn't hurt, just scared, and now safely released far from cat.

Which means I'm out of excuses not to catch up on this episode. SIGH.

Dear AWZ: Update your credits already, you lazy sods. )

Can we have Roman back tomorrow, please?

[Lil: DNN. Unless we want Deniz in his eskimo hoodie *loves*]
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This is how I feel right now:

[info]graspthethorn, I'll send you votes tomorrow. I CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO HANDLE SOMETHING LIKE A SIMPLE EMAIL RIGHT NOW.

*zonks out*

Apr. 1st, 2009


Barring that, with my nonsensical picspam. You will all COWER.

Oh god, it's official, I have lost my mind. Not that I was ever that much in possession of it anyway, but whatevs.

Did I mention this? I don't think I have:

(God, I just want to smack his face off his face SO HARD!)

Voting is open until Friday, and I will spam you with cracky banners until then and wheedle at you to go vote. It doesn't matter if you don't even read this stuff. Just go vote anyway! *g* (and you don't have to vote for me, either. Pick whoever's name is crackiest or what have you.)

Where was I? Right, mind-losing! Totally gone off the deep end. with spam of all kinds )

Mar. 28th, 2009

Recap: Episode 645... is not bad. It's actually almost good. WTF??

Previously on AWZ, Roman invited Ingo to his bed and Ingo was just about to say "Okay... I've fought this long enough," when Christian showed up and interrupted.

For this, he must die. )

Dude. This was watchable. Mostly. I need a drink to absorb the shock.


Mar. 26th, 2009

Have some cracky comment fic!

Ahahaha, oh god. [info]graspthethorn just reminded me that She Knows What I Did Last Night, so I'm putting this here for completion's sake, BUT I AM NOT PROUD OF IT IN ANY WAY.

Title: Swish, Swish
Author: [info]aldiara
Fandom/Characters: Alles Was Zählt, see warnings for pairing.
Word Count: 460 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes your demons come back to haunt you.
Warnings: (Very loosely) based on spoiler speculation. VERY UNLIKELY SPOILER SPECULATION, mind you, but still. Highlight for pairing: Roman/.....Bulle (yes, I know) (there's probably absolutely no need for the secrecy, but better safe than sorry.)
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters... this would still not happen, actually.
A/N: Written in about 10 minutes as comment fic for [info]graspthethorn, who is insane and SHIPS CRAZY SHIT, so this is unbeta'd and, uhm, very unnecessary.


Weird crap is here )

Recap: Episode 643, In Which There Is More Cooing.

Previously on AWZ, the writers discovered the secret of alchemy and used it to turn gold into shit. Repeatedly.

[Dude, I just realised this ep has no Stella and no Deniz and should, therefore, surely be somewhat decent by default. BUT NO SUCH LUCK.]

Let's pretend stealing baby saliva is a plot, shall we? )

[Lil: DNN.]
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